JetCrew, extends Jetsolution Aviation Group direction offering a diverse range of world-class services to aircraft owners, operators and airlines. Under flagship of the Group business to combine on-line training and service specialists, we gathered all global high-end resources to deliver superb luxurious cabin experience to aircraft owners and operators. We are specialized in customized training programs and placement of professional Corporate Flight Attendants to cater specific requirements of aircraft owners and operators. Enthusiastic candidates are seasoned by our one-stop “train, intern and work certification program” achieving over-the-top standard of aircraft safety awareness and hospitality in both western and oriental service etiquette.

Level 1 – Induction to cabin services and hospitality;
Level 2 – Airlines Cabin Crew to Corporate Flight Attendant
Level 3 – Corporate Flight Attendant re-current and refreshing course
Level 4 – Train the Trainer or Flight Attendant Management

Additional service scopes of luxurious aircraft cabin enhancement and international Michelin-starred catering supports would be at individual requests. We are committed towards best quality of bespoke services to excel individual expectations.

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