Founder and President
Senior Aviation Specialist

Ms. Jackie Wu

Jackie Wu is the  Founder,  President  and  Senior Aviation Specialist  of  JetSolution  Aviation  Group.  She is also the practitioner in  providing  aircraft acquisition and financing transactions, aviation regulatory compliances, advices, aircraft delivery and operational consulting services. With offices in Hong Kong, North America with our team of multi-cultural, flair and diverse languages in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. Predominantly, Ms. Wu oversees the group and its subsidiaries performance and management. She actively advises aircraft owners and aviation corporations.

Ms. Wu’s most recent string of aircraft acquisition and advisory has earned extensive recognition from  international media.  Her  professional  insights  highly  impressed influential media including Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg, South China Morning Post, Sing Tao Daily, Phoenix TV. She is also the key speaker in popular conferences and as a guest lecturer in universities.

Previously  served  as  the  Chief  Operation  Officer  in  Sino  Jet,  Ms.  Wu  was  entrusted  to establish  the  company’s charter,  maintenance  and  management  division.  She  led  the marketing and media campaign for which Sino Jet is known as today. Under her leadership, a strategic alliance with a reputable US-based FAR Part 135 operator was successfully partnered.

Ms. Wu founded Hong Kong Jet, subsidiary of HNA Group. She spearheaded business aviation development  from China to international platforms by leveraging Hong Kong-base to identify potentials and niche in which the company currently thrives in.

Prior to joining Hong Kong Jet, Ms. Wu worked in various prominent aviation corporations such as Cathay Pacific, TAG Aviation in operational positions where she acquired knowledge in legal, operations, safety and regulatory compliances. She was in investment banking role of Lloyds TSB & Banking Group, London of United Kingdom before her career in aviation.

Ms. Wu holds first class honor degree in  Bachelor  of  Medical  Laboratory  Science  from  the University of Liverpool, the United Kingdom. She also possesses a Private Pilot License from the United Kingdom Civil Aviation of Authority and practitioner certificate in both Aircraft Acquisition and Financing and Aviation Law and Regulations issued by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Besides, Ms. Wu is an alumni of the Program on Negotiation in Harvard Law School, Harvard University of  USA, which further developed her professionalism, while she is currently a candidate of Juris Doctor in Bond University, Australia.

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