JetSolution Aviation Group Attained ISO 9001:2015 Standard – Proven Exceptional Quality Management Capabilities

Business aviation elite-gathering JetSolution is delighted to receive the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.

(Hong Kong, 19th August 2019) — JetSolution Aviation Group, the Hong Kong-based leading business aviation consultancy, proudly announced it has achieved ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard awarded by SIS Certifications, in the scope of Aircraft Transactions, Financing and Charter Operations; Aviation and Legal Compliance Advisory; and Aircrew Placement for Business Aviation. By continuous improvement to meet a series of stringent surveillance audit, JetSolution is officially recognized by ISO, one of the most well-regarded standards in the world. 

Led by Ms. Jackie Wu who has been a veteran aviation specialist renowned globally, JetSolution leverages its exclusive know-how for the aircraft transaction, financing and charter operations to present practical customer-oriented aviation solutions. Our aviation professionals perform comprehensive aircraft transaction processes compliant to global aviation and legal authorities, which are governed by standardized management systems, defining new standards that justify our performance and efficacy. JetSolution’s top-notch charter flight operations with its flight crew professionally trained in-house following the FlightSafety International training, which were testified in this ISO 9001:2015 certification standard.

JetSolution’s newly acquired flagship aircraft N888JK showcased unrivalled private jet standards

 “The ISO 9001:2015 certification accomplishment is a remarkable third-party validation proving our quality of business process and services delivery to every prestigious client. We are dedicated to constantly improving in the future for sustainability of this honour.” said Ms. Jackie Wu, the Founder and President of JetSolution. “Our one-stop aircraft transaction and financing solutions to our demanding clients were the most challenging for this certification, we are extremely proud of our performances that granted us this international recognition, which is a significant milestone for the Group since establishment in 2009.”

 “This certification success serves as a testament to our strong emphasis placed on unrivalled services including N888JK private jet charter quality boosting us to scale new heights in future pathways.” said Ms. Kennis Fu, the Managing Director of JetSolution. Quality is defined as conformance to requirements; ISO 9001:2015 globally recognized accreditation requires JetSolution to sustain the uncompromising quality control management in order to serve clients in the most trust-worthy and proficient manner. We will spare no efforts to fulfil this prime requisite and live up to the high expectations from our privileged customers.

About JetSolution Aviation Group

JetSolution Aviation Group, headquartered in Hong Kong with its regional offices in USA, Malaysia, Middle East, is a unique and professional aviation firm, providing extensive range of advisory services and solutions to clients under one roof. It specialises in spanning aircraft sale and transaction, design and refurbishment, technical appraisal and modifications, asset legal and financing, delivery, registration and certification support to guide private aircraft owners and corporations across aircraft types and projects in the fast-paced international business aviation environment. Through a consistent investment in knowledges and industry experts, the Group’s resources now provide inimitable solutions across diverse market segments, to meet short-term and ongoing necessities in a personalised and customized approach each project challenge.