Jetsolution Aviation Group Exemplifies Bespoke Standard by Launch of JetCrew in ABACE 2017

Asia Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (ABACE) has commenced at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport on 11th April 2017. Hong Kong based business aviation consultant, Jetsolution Aviation Group (“Jetsolution”) at booth H225 highlighted its 3 core divisions including JetSales, JetParts and the newly launched specialised in aircrew training and placement services, namely JetCrew. To implement business concept of globalization, Jetsolution recently extended its professional services with a new office in Australia to offer integrated aviation and yacht services for clients in Australasia.

JetCrew Innovated One-stop Corporate Flight Attendant Training Programme

To align with the group one-stop solution philosophy, Jetsolution proudly launched JetCrew International Services, focusing in customized aircrew training programmes and aircrew placement services. Through this platform, reputable trainers and specialists of JetCrew gather variety of global elegant resources, innovating cabin enhancement of JetCrew to define ultimate luxurious cabin experiences to aircraft owners and operators.

 JetCrew International Services, practise Flight Attendant one-stop “train, intern and work certification programme and placement services to define benchmark of service standard in business aviation.
“Through progressive development of Jetsolution, we strive to add value to each aircraft and our relationship with individual clients promoting safety and comfort level of each air journey. Together with JetCrew, the new division combining our series of professional services, we refine quality of aircrew safety and services, setting the benchmark as industry leader while creating opportunities for aviation enthusiasts.” said Group President and Aviation Specialist of Jetsolution Aviation Group, Ms. Jackie Wu. “Over the years, our performance in aircraft transaction and financing have been highly recognized. Nevertheless, we continue to strengthen our services variety to serve in detail. Considering rapid growth of aviation in Greater China with increasing demand of aviation personnel, JetCrew inherits the excellence of Jetsolution to offer aircrew services, gathering world-class elites for dedicated and outstanding services for our clients.“

JetCrew will first establish the Corporate Flight Attendant Training Programme, allowing enthusiastic candidates to practise Flight Attendant one-stop “train, intern and work certification programme” achieving international standard of safety awareness and hospitality infusing western and oriental service etiquette. Upon programme completion, candidates will gain opportunities to be interviewed by aircraft owners and management corporations, following by test flights leading to employment. Such training programme included an induction to cabin services and hospitality; from airlines cabin to Corporate Flight Attendant; Corporate Flight Attendant re-current and refreshing course and instructor training.

Ms. Jessie Pan joins JetCrew as Training Specialist to lead in Corporate Flight Attendant Training Programme

JetCrew welcomes Ms. Jessie Pan to join the team as Training Specialist, appreciating Ms. Pan with over 20 years’ experiences in VIP services training in aviation specializing in tailor-made cabin solutions. Ms. Pan was in senior positions in international business aviation corporations. MS. Pan studied Hospitality Business Management in University of Birmingham, holding WSET Level 3 certification and engaged in advanced studies in Insititut Villa Pierrefeu, the world-class finishing school in Switzerland. The academic background and extensive services and training experiences have allowed Ms. Pan to develop a unique philosophy for cabin services to highlight the Eastern features while matching with the concept of Western butler services for clients in Greater China to have an impeccable journey in air.

Jetsolution Aviation Group

Jetsolution Aviation Group, headquartered in Hong Kong with its regional offices in USA, Malaysia, Middle East, is a professional aviation firm, providing wide range of advisory services, spanning aircraft sale and transaction, design and refurbishment, technical appraisal and parts procurement, asset financing, delivery, compliance management, registration, parts support and aviation legal advisory to support private aircraft owners and corporations across a wide range of aircraft types and projects in the fast-paced business aviation environment.