Jetsolution Aviation Group launches JetParts and strategic alliance with Southern Cross Aviation in ABACE 2015

Jetsolution Aviation Group launches JetParts and strategic alliance with Southern Cross Aviation in ABACE 2015

(Shanghai, 14 April 2015) Asia Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (ABACE), the most dominant airshow in Asia, will be held at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport from 14 to 16 April 2015. Jetsolution Aviation Group (“Jetsolution”) proudly launched JetParts extending solutions to diversified aircraft spare parts. Exhibiting with global alliance as one-stop services under one roof, Jetsolution features 3 core divisions aiming to serve client variety with different aviation requirement.

Announcing the strategic alliance with Southern Cross Aviation (“SCA”) headquartered in Fort Lauderdale of USA, a sizeable climate-controlled warehouse operated with decades of parts experience as the top supplier in USA is ready to serve Asia demands through the exclusive window of JetParts.

“We are excited to develop a deeper partnership with SCA after many successful aircraft sale and transactions we have collaborated, we are proud to extend aircraft parts services supporting Asia finally enhancing safety and quality flying of aircraft owners with their VIP on board,” said Jackie Wu, Group President of Jetsolution. “Combining the regional presence of Jetsolution understanding local demands with SCA provides quality products and solutions leading to unmatched opportunities.”

“I’m pleased for cementing relationship from aircraft sales toward parts business with Jetsolution, constantly identifying opportunities while focusing on innovation. Together, we can create value to emerging Asia aviation with maximum efficiency and reliability.” Said Patrick Hosmann. President of Southern Cross Aviation.

Collaboration between Jetsolution and SCA since 2013 that allows aircraft owners and operators worldwide to access both America and Asia inventories of aircraft and parts with quality and wide variety having professional operation on local ground. Going forward, Jetsolution and SCA have agreed to work more closely on establishing regional warehouse with inventories in Asia increasing efficiency in terms of logistics and procedures, particularly in AOG and urgent supplies.


About Jetsolution Aviation Group

Jetsolution Aviation Group, headquartered in Hong Kong with its regional offices in USA, Singapore, Middle East, is a professional aviation firm, providing wide range of advisory services, spanning aircraft sale and transaction, design and refurbishment, appraisal, financing, delivery, compliance management, registration, parts support and aviation legal advisory to support private aircraft owners and corporations across a wide range of aircraft types and projects in the fast-paced business aviation environment.


About Southern Cross Aviation

Southern Cross Aviation with a climate-controlled warehouse facility in Fort Lauderdale is dedicated to Aircraft parts warehousing and distribution specialized in purchase, refurbishment and support of aircraft parts with increasing distribution lines, systems, facilities and procedures improvement, becoming one of the Premier Aviation parts distributor of the world. Its Aircraft Sales Division provides aircraft acquisition, sales, and leasing services offering complete turnkey service, from the early concept stages of the purchase or sale, through closing and post-delivery support. Throughout the years both divisions have gradually grown in customer base, business volume and scope of services offered; we assure that our clients having their aviation need to meet with maximum efficiency and reliability.