JetSolution Embraer Legacy 600 Inaugural Flight is Set to Take-off with Highest Pedigree of Luxury and Safety

JetSolution Aviation Group, influential business aviation consultant, celebrates a new era of the jet charter service in the Asia Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (ABACE) held at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. In addition to the static display of its flagship aircraft, the Embraer Legacy 600, JetSolution’s inaugural flight will take off in evening of 18th April 2019 from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport to Hong Kong as its home-base furnishing its showing with its impressive finale.

In resonance with the company’s philosophy, this Embraer Legacy 600 registered with Chinese lucky numbers N888JK, was re-delivered to showcase the expertise of JetSolution’s flawless one-stop solutions range from aircraft transaction, financing, technicality and design, legal and compliance advisory and crew management as a classic example of unrivalled service meeting owners’ ultimate satisfaction.

Reaching Every Destinations Worldwide with Premier Service Beyond Expectation

The inaugural flight begins with a curated tour by the Group President and Senior Aviation Specialist of JetSolution, Ms. Jackie Wu, illustrating spacious three-zone multi-functional cabin with contemporary design and premium materials. Our VIPs get to experience the designers’ amenities on-board, including Hermès textiles and toiletries, Christofle crystal-wares, Wedgwood by Vera Wang silverwares for the ultimate fine-dining at 41,000 ft altitude. JetSolution puts together an interior that reaches a perfect balance of coziness and stylish luxury, raising the definition for private travel. The magnificent experience brought by JetSolution is beyond comparison.

The sophisticated design and decoration are not the only supreme qualities; JetSolution differentiates its air charter business among their competitors by their operating capability to mysterious Bhutan with exclusive rights to layover as diplomatic to local government. Paro Airport in Bhutan is nestled among the steep mountains of the Himalayas, which is commonly conceptualized as the most treacherous airport in the world to approach. JetSolution manages to overcome all operational restrictions as very experienced flight crew received a training so as the qualification to land in Paro.

Kennis Fu, Managing Director of JetSolution, emphasizes that JetSolution’s operations are certified by the most stringent FAR Part 135 regulatory by the United States Federal Aviation Administration. Clients gains a peace of mind knowing their journeys are being dispatched legally, professionally and efficiently by the best of safest aircraft.

Jackie Wu, the President and Aviation Specialist of JetSolution Aviation Group and Kennis Fu, the Managing Director of JetSolution Aviation Group

Interior of the Embraer Legacy 600 featuring designer cabin with luxurious amenities

JetSolution Aviation Group

JetSolution Aviation Group, headquartered in Hong Kong with its regional offices in USA, Malaysia, Middle East, is a unique and professional aviation firm, providing extensive range of advisory services and solutions to clients under one roof. It specialises in spanning aircraft sale and transaction, design and refurbishment, technical appraisal and modifications, asset legal and financing, delivery, registration and certification support to guide private aircraft owners and corporations across aircraft types and projects in the fast-paced international business aviation environment. Through a consistent investment in knowledges and industry experts, the Group’s resources now provide inimitable solutions across diverse market segments, to meet short-term and ongoing necessities in a personalised and customized approach each project challenge.