Sky-to-ground Seamless Security from Business Aircraft to Armored cars Successfully Showcased in 2016 Singapore Airshow

Singapore Airshow has commenced on February 16th at Singapore Changi Airport. Jetsolution Aviation Group has jointly exhibited with The Streit Group featuring private jet and armored cars providing high-level security and private journeys. This demonstration once again become a popular highlight in the show.

Bombardier Global 5000 demonstrated the project success of Jetsolution Aviation Group.

A luxurious Bombardier Global 5000 owned by Streit Group demonstrated the project success of Jetsolution Aviation Group, provided one-stop services including aircraft acquisition, financing, legal advices, refurbishment of aircraft livery and interior. The static display includes two bullet-proof, shock resistant armored vehicle exclusively produced by Streit Group for military use showcasing its products armoring capabilities.

Air journeys by private jet following reliable bullet-proof amored cars reception on ground offering seamless security and privacy combination to provide the most highest level of protection and privacy to countries presidents, government officials and VVIP passengers.

“VIPs feel reliable to experience the privileges, security, privacy and convenience exclusively contributed by private journeys and amored vehicle reception on ground despite the destinations could be a risk-prone countries. The customized solutions cope with the different travel requirements of the VIPs and meet their dual consideration of privacy and security throughout entire itineraries.” Said by Ms. Jackie Wu, Aviation Specialist of Jetsolution Aviation Group.

Bullet-proof, shock resistant armored vehicles provide effective protection in risk-prone situations.

Jetsolution Aviation Group

Jetsolution Aviation Group, headquartered in Hong Kong with its regional offices in USA, Malaysia, Middle East, is a professional aviation firm, providing wide range of advisory services, spanning aircraft sale and transaction, design and refurbishment, technical appraisal and parts procurement, asset financing, delivery, compliance management, registration, parts support and aviation legal advisory to support private aircraft owners and corporations across a wide range of aircraft types and projects in the fast-paced business aviation environment.


Streit Group

Streit Group is one of the world’s leading armored vehicles manufacturer with 12 state-of-the-art production facilities and 25 offices worldwide. Streit Group produced a large variety of security vehicles, armored personnel carriers, cash-in-transit, luxury, bespoke luxury and which are designed to provide effective protection in risk-prone situations. All vehicles undergo internationally recognized ballistic and impact test.